Teaching Experience and General Approach to Philosophy Instruction


My earliest teaching experience was not as a philosophy instructor, but as an academic enrichment specialist for a large, urban school district in Michigan. For nearly a decade, I taught students in grades 4-12 advanced concepts in mathematics, language arts, and logic. In this capacity, I also coached competitive academic teams, and my students earned over a dozen national championships in Academic Games League of America tournaments. This work afforded me my first opportunity to experiment with different pedagogical styles and teaching strategies. I still apply much of what I learned then to the philosophy courses that I teach now.

As a lecturer at Princeton University, I currently teach an upper-division undergraduate bioethics seminar entitled “Ethics and Pathologies of Emotional Attachment.” As a graduate student and an adjunct instructor, I have had 17 teaching appointments. I have a wide array of teaching competences, ranging from standard courses in ethics and logic to courses in very specialized, interdisciplinary areas such as neuroethics, the philosophy of technology and Asian philosophy. See my CV for a complete list of courses that I have taught. I will soon update this page with links to student evaluations, course syllabi, and a teaching statement. In the meantime, feel free to email me for specific information.

In brief, my aims in teaching are to present philosophy as a field that can inform, and is informed by, multiple disciplines, to show students how the subject matter we study is relevant to their everyday lives, and to really challenge students in a way that helps them see just how doing philosophy, while often quite difficult, can be good for them. For these reasons, my courses often incorporate mind-building exercises (logic puzzles, argument analysis challenges, etc.), real world examples of the problems that we discuss in class, and interdisciplinary articles from professional journals and anthologies.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, I will teach my first philosophy course as a tenure-track Assistant Professor at UC San Diego!